Your True Blue.

She’s the secret starlet of your life… there’s just one problem: you’re friends. Your spirit is lifted when you glance at her from a distance while waiting for her at the café. She knows you, all of you – the brutal truth you’ll readily tell because sex isn’t involved. A crucial part of you belongs to her, and a part of her belongs to you.

She’ll call you unexpected, and you’d never dare for a minute to act the knight in shining armor. There are tons of missed calls from other women, but never one from her.

It’s a new world. And the man of today has to cope with something so fundamentally, biologically opposed to him: a female friend.

I know. You’d brush it off. You’re thinking, “I have friends that are like sisters to me.” But you and I both know who I’m referring to. You know who “she” is – the problem is just that your intellectual engine is denying the basic facts and distorting the kernel of your relationship. You and I know, that you’re friends because she chose to be friends. All you want is to be near her, as much as humanly possible.

It’s most likely you’d lost the love of your life some time ago. But she comforted you through all the chaos. To you, she’s the angel that turns misfortune into dust—just like magic… because she’s magic…

… and the most intoxicating element of it all is: you both sense the underlying sexual energy. You acknowledge it and she will most likely deny it. Fundamentally, your biological nature dictates the sexual energy… and that rare volume of intimacy your relationship has gained would, in fact, act as the perfect catalyst for a long-lasting romantic one. Simply because, you just can’t get enough of one and another.

But alas, to your grim disadvantage, once a woman has defined you into a certain role, it’s difficult—almost impossible—to escape that role. If it happens then it’s due to a decisive altering event that forces her to see you differently. The chances of that happening are one in a million.

If you’re hopelessly in love with her, you must face it, you’re fighting a losing battle. The level of honesty—or innocence—that has acted as a comfortable wrapper around your friendship is gone. You must decide—because too few men these days really decide and act—are you going to tell her?

She’s right there. She could be the perfect love of your life. But don’t expect a Hollywood ending. Cinema has been fucking with our romantic expectations for far too long. It’s important to remember, though: the greatest thing that can ever happen to you is so close to you… and if you’re so similar in spirit, chances are, she’s been thinking the same thing…

The next thing you have to do, is show up at her doorstep – and face the music.

Life’s simply too short.