In this featured series we examine case stories that reflect the masculine identity of today. Follow these fictional case stories if you want to get wiser on the behavior of the modern man.
All cases will end with a question, concerning the dilemma, that you can comment on. The solution for that dilemma will be revealed in the following week.

This week we follow Michael’s dilemma concerning his father who’s terminally ill. Michael can’t figure out why he’s angry with his father rather than feeling pity for him under these dire circumstances. 

The world is boiling. With its dicks and cunts and assholes. And then there are the flowers. They’re struggling to grow through the pavement. Grasping for air and pearls of rain. Then there are the gods … Kurt Cobain was killed by silence. John Lennon was killed by a loner. The free birds were killed in a plane crash. Our daughters are looking for fathers in the darkest corners. The mothers are binging Chardonnay in the suburbs. The fathers have gone mad. And here I am. A drunkard in a torched world.

Vi lever, tilsyneladende, i et frit samfund, men vores frirum bliver mindre og mindre og færre og færre. Politikere, sundhedspolitiet og andre puritanere fortæller os, vi skal kvitte vores smøger – og hvis vi endelig må ryge, er det vores egen skyld, hvis vi stiller træskoene for tidligt. Vi skal, som ansvarlige og lovlydige samfundsborgere, straffes for vores ”ulækre og afskyelige vane.”