Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

You’re visiting a certain pocket in the web, that can—at best—be described as the bastard child of my mind and urges. It took 3 gut-wrenching months to design the site, the writing had been piling up before hand, and finally, on a windy day in March 2014, I gave birth to this bastard infant in a pool of sour wine and booze …

The writing is a tireless ode to the beast, beauty, liquor and all the murky things we love to do when society is not watching.

3 things you should keep in mind if you’re a new reader:

First things first, if you’re politically correct, either in your work, or your world view, you will get offended. That’s alright. Most of the things you stand for, I don’t.

Second, I’m a stubborn advocate for gender equality (contrary to popular belief) but NOT gender uniformity. The stories and opinions you’ll find here, albeit many of them possess Freudian overtones, all favor the notion that men and women are different. Our bodies are different, our urges are different and when those differences show, sparks fly. They don’t arise in a politically correct or feminist environment. And please, don’t send me links to LGBT sites or feminist oriented sites; I’ve kissed with men before, experimented with transsexuals and feminist rants tire me.

Third, drugs are mentioned—frequently. If you’re anti-drug or, worse, anti-alcohol much of the inherent messages will fly over your head. You probably don’t give a shit since you know you always can visit harpo.com or other neutered sites. Note: I will never condone drugs or substances to minors. Keep that in mind before you start firing off hate mail.

Furthermore, I’m a columnist in Eurowoman, Denmark’s biggest women’s magazine and also mentioned in other magazine and newspaper syndications. I’ve worked 9 years in advertising, some clients include big tobacco and sugared water. (Some of them will, no doubt, cut me off when they read this letter.)

Enjoy the ride …