Writer seeks a committed (work) relationship.

I’ve been on the freelance-wagon for four years now. Wait, is it on the wagon or off? Nevermind… The life of a freelancer is rocky, unpredictable, exciting and seldom dull. But – it must come to an end. I miss working with people. I miss working towards a unified purpose. 

What I’m trying to say: I want one of those job-thingies.

You might be thinking: Are you one of those dead-beat artsy authors with no meat on their resumes? Well, I can be artsy from time to time but, if anything, there’s meat on my resumé (if you’re vegan, replace meat with plants):

  • I’ve worked with advertising and PR for 10 years combined. 
  • I’ve worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Emirates, TOMS, and British-American Tobacco. 
  • I excel in both design and copywriting (English & Danish).
  • I’ve had a combined millennial-based readership of 150K following my blog and my column in Denmark’s biggest women’s magazine.

I’m a productive fit in both a publishing house, an arts department, a high-stakes ad-agency, and more. My hard-earned experience – and unorthodox approach – can add a bold, creative contribution to your business or place of work.

I’m not cheap. But I’m not expensive, either.

Write me today, if you have an opening or if you’re just plain curious. I’m one fine cup of coffee away.

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Portfolios are sent upon request.