Don’t Tame The Beast

Photo: Anton Corbijn

Go back to a specific corner in time. The precious few have lived it. They broke the barricades, they climbed the walls, they chose to open their eyes. In a blood rush of love and togetherness, fueled by acid and THC, they stirred a wave from a stagnant pond. With their arms reaching for the sky and with a mission so uniform, they championed the rights of the forgotten, the neglected, the lesser privileged. 

Now, that time is distant to us. Many fought the good fight. But now, 5 decades later, the masculine identity, the true masculine identity, has been left on the curb while everyone else is racing down the road.

In the midst of change, feminism, awareness, human rights and all the self-awareness, the modern man is lost. Lost because in some strange way, the tide of political correctness has forced him to tame his inner beast; the very beast that cries out when his boundaries are crossed, the beast that urges to explore, the beast that demands freedom when it’s stolen from him—the beast that aims to conquer more and more, and will never be satisfied until he touches the horizon.

We men must acknowledge, and most of us do, that times are changing, and we must adapt. But we must stand firm by all the milestones that are unique, and common, in a man’s growth—and standing true to the fact that our primitive nature is as vital as our intellectual one, is a pivotal element of that growth.

Don’t tame your beast, acknowledge it, embrace it. Hold it back when you feel the urge to do harm to others. But when you want to move forward, explore, reach your horizon, you need the help of that drive that is in constant hunger—the drive that’s so infatuated with madness, so relentless, it’ll lure you to believe you can achieve anything.

If the world attempts to tame your inner beast, don’t give in. Your true spirit depends on it.