“A woman simply is, but a man must become.” This quote, and bold declaration, belongs to Jungian analyst Camille Paglia

The common prejudice, exclaimed through time, romantic comedies, pop literature, etc. is this: “A man is simple. Has simple needs. A woman is complicated.”

Bam! Give him a sandwich, rub his crotch and don’t complain too much. But in contrast to popular belief – and several analysts and therapists agree: A man is far from simple.

It was a summer day. There was a light breeze and the sky had a color so sharp, it could cut glass. You were wearing a colorful summer dress in a floral pattern. It heralded the warmth and everything living around us. The soft wind danced with your hair — as though it didn’t want to escape it. Everything wanted to be close to you. As did I. Then autumn came. And the idea of “we” deteriorated like the leaves on the trees. 

Go back to a specific corner in time. The precious few have lived it. They broke the barricades, they climbed the walls, they chose to open their eyes. In a blood rush of love and togetherness, fueled by acid and THC, they stirred a wave from a stagnant pond. With their arms reaching for the sky and with a mission so uniform, they championed the rights of the forgotten, the neglected, the lesser privileged.