What do you do if you belong to the minority—judging from the mass-media coverage—who really doesn’t follow the World Cup this year. Your reasons might be either due to its appalling circumstance or that your interests merely lie somewhere else, be they horse-riding into the sunset or your wine club’s annual tasting.

Here’s a list of 10 activities you can indulge in, when the World Cup is on and you really don’t give a shit.

My right palm was clenched on the back of your thigh while I grabbed the back of your neck, and forced you against me. Your slight resistance only intoxicated me further, enraging the flow of my blood. Your lips got poutier, your breath slower and your young, crystal blue eyes lost focus, looking aimlessly in all directions until they were locked with mine.
Under a clear black sky in a public place we forgot where we were. A couple of tourists passed, noticing us in a heated embrace. Caught in the act. But we didn’t give a fuck. It was 2 am. We were just getting started…

“A woman simply is, but a man must become.” This quote, and bold declaration, belongs to Jungian analyst Camille Paglia

The common prejudice, exclaimed through time, romantic comedies, pop literature, etc. is this: “A man is simple. Has simple needs. A woman is complicated.”

Bam! Give him a sandwich, rub his crotch and don’t complain too much. But in contrast to popular belief – and several analysts and therapists agree: A man is far from simple.

It was a summer day. There was a light breeze and the sky had a color so sharp, it could cut glass. You were wearing a colorful summer dress in a floral pattern. It heralded the warmth and everything living around us. The soft wind danced with your hair — as though it didn’t want to escape it. Everything wanted to be close to you. As did I. Then autumn came. And the idea of “we” deteriorated like the leaves on the trees.