Author’s Bio

“I’m a nihilist with most things. But when it boils down to crafting a story, I’m as devout as a bible-belt faith monger.”

Sam Mansoor is an accomplished Art Director, Copywriter and Columnist. In 2000, at the age of 19, Sam published his first poem in a Danish Anthology “Love Cards.” Sam was among the very few debutants among the featured, accomplished authors. His poem was featured on the front-page of the Arts section in the newspaper “Politiken” and he was mentioned as a “prospect” at “Kristeligt Dagblad” – both major Danish newspapers.

 Writing has the power to make people feel chosen. In advertising, campaign politics get in the way of that.

In 2005, Sam Mansoor started his career in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen. The pulsating and commercial nature of the advertising industry suited his nature well. Sam is one of the few stern and outspoken advocates for the use of storytelling in Danish advertising. He developed his storytelling skills while working on several manuscripts alongside his professional career.

Early in 2014, Sam launched the blog “”. Its intent was to rebel against the politically correct zeitgeist that was consuming Scandinavia, and the rest of the Western world. Sam’s Freudian interest in “men, women and all that in between” has led him to write the blog feature: “The Modern Man – a new perspective with old lenses.” It’s a series he refers to as “a wake up call to the soft, gender-less man of today.”

Men stopped being men. Not because of the women’s movement. Men’s inherent ego has a problem with facing a real challenge. Strong women demand character and stamina. That’s a challenge men tend to avoid.

Later in 2014, the attention of the blog led him to be a featured columnist in Eurowoman, Denmark’s leading women’s magazine. Major publications such as Berlingske, BT. and Euroman quoted and republished his writing. In 2015 his column gained a reach of 150,000.

Today, Sam is working on finishing his first novel alongside with focusing on his advertising consultancy work.