“There’s a narcissist in every man, and a misogynist in every woman. Are you single? Welcome to animal kingdom.”

When this site was fired off into the nooks of the internet, I hoped to ignite the men – the modern men. The men who forget to be men. The men who listened to their women but never to themselves. The writings were entitled ”The Modern Man”. (It was a short brainstorm.) Then, a convenient twist of events occurred. The women became my audience. The women who wanted men to be men. The women who also wanted their man to listen to himself.

In 2014, I wrote my first op-ed piece for Eurowoman, Denmark’s leading woman’s magazine. It emphasized that there is a difference between men and women. I was at the heart of a busy tornado with feminists on one side, and devoted women on the other. Nevertheless, the latter became my audience. My popular posts gave birth to my column at Eurowoman.dk (writing is in Danish.)

My column became the most popular in 2014 and held its peak in 2015. It was also featured, and discussed, in other Danish publications, both magazines and major newspapers. Despite the column’s reach of 150,000, I’m not a household name. I do prefer to be the underdog. It’s odd when strangers recognize you.

This blog will remain my bastard child. It’s free of censorship, editors and other disturbances. This is my voice. It can be your voice. I hope your stay here will become both unsettling and delightful.

—Sam, February 2016